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SCEPTrEs Lifewide Learning and Personal Development Book

Page history last edited by Norman Jackson 9 years, 6 months ago

Learning for a Complex World

A lifewide concept of learning, curriculum, education and personal development      

Edited by Norman Jackson


The book should be ready by August 2011. If you would like me to let you know when its ready please email me. 



The book proposes and elaborates a lifewide concept of learning, curriculum, education and personal development. It will be self-published using Author House.  It will constitute an important scholarly outcome from the SCEPTrE Project and provide an important vehicle for disseminating ideas and practices developed through the project. 


 The main objectives of the book are:

  • To explore different perspectives on the nature of learning required to be effective in a world of increasing complexity.
  • To propose that a lifewide conception of curriculum  and education offers more potential for supporting the rich conception of learning that is required  to be effective in complex work and other social situations.
  • To provide new insights into the experiences students value for the learning and development they have gained
  • To identify and integrate relevant theories of learning and development into the lifewide learning and development concept. 
  • To show how one university developed new educational practices to enable these forms of learning and personal development to be recognised.
  • To highlight the growth of Learning Partnership Frameworks in UK Higher Education that promote these forms of informal learning and personal development.



The book is written with two audiences in mind in this country & internationally  Firstly, it will appeal to anyone who has an interest in the study and design of higher education curricular. The book is primarily written for the many practising HE teachers, curriculum developers and educational developers who are interested in thinking systemically about the design of higher education curricular. Secondly, it is written for people who are involved in supporting the student experience who are trying to help students gain a more coherent sense of the experience and help institutions develop a better understanding of the ways in which students engage in and are shaped by their whole life experience while they are studying. While the ideas have been developed in a UK context the perspectives and ideas will be recognised in other higher education systems.



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List of Tables



List of Abbreviations


Editor Foreword

Norman Jackson



The living testimony of a lifelong-lifewide learner

John Cowan


1 The lifelong and lifewide dimensions of living and learning

Norman Jackson


2 Lifewide education: a transformative concept for higher education?

Ron Barnett 


3 Developing capability through lifewide education

Norman Jackson 


4 Knowledge, knowing and being aware

Norman Jackson and Colin Beard


5 Authoring your life : a lifewide learning perspective

Marcia Baxter Magolda


6 An imaginative lifewide curriculum

Norman Jackson and Colin Beard


7 ‘Freedom to Learn': a radically revised pedagogy to facilitate Lifewide Learning in the academic curriculum 

John Cowan


Connecting lifewide learning to life-based Learning

Maret Staron 


9 Lifewide learning and development: a students’ perspective

Jenny Willis, Charlie Betts and Norman Jackson


10 Immersive experience – a rich environment for transformative learning and personal development 

Sarah Campbell and Norman Jackson


11 Frameworks to support lifewide learning: an example – the Surrey Lifewide Learning Award

Norman Jackson, Charlie Betts and Jenny Willis


12 Learning through Work: developing capability for being an effective professional 

Norman Jackson, Jenny Willis and Michael Eraut


13 Adapting to another culture: an example of an immersive experience  

Norman Jackson and Novie Johan


14 Lifewide education an emergent phenomenon in UK higher education

Charlie Betts and Norman Jackson


Subject Index 



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